Concept: Solar iPod Dock Doubled as iPod ECO-Charger


This concept is very cool because it’s a foldable type of gadget concept. There’s been some the same type gadget concept on our database and this one is yet another cool gadget with multiple functions as an iPod Dock and at the same time it’s also an ECO-charger for iPod.

The designer, Tom Pritchard was inspired by bellows of an accordion when creating this concept design. The unfolded position will shaped in a triangle shape, where 3 hinged parts connecting each other.


The speakers are passive and can run off a docked iPod or iPhone, but when sufficient light hits the solar cells, which are mounted on the rear of the speakers, the built-in amplifier turns on and boosts the volume and charges the docked gadget as well. — EcoFriend

Interesting concept, let’s just hope this will become one true gadget to accompany our beloved iPod. 😉

(via Ecofriend)

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