Lite Brite Cubed can Bring Back Your Childhood Fun

If you think Bandai’s Luminodot is too big for you, or you are just trying to find some new lite brite version, then this lite brite cubed might be just for you.


Lite Brite Cubed have 4 faces filled with small pegs holes and up to 400 pegs available for you to create your arts in this 4D-like space!

The Lite-Brite Cubed has four faces instead of just one, and four faces means four pictures. Think of all the fun you can have now! You can make four different lite drawings all at once (one at a time, or flitting from one to the next to the next, lingering as long as your attention span allows). Or, and this is the crazy cool part, you and three other friends or coworkers can make lite drawings all at the same time.

This really is the next generation of Lite-Brite. The Lite-Brite Cubed brings all the joy of Lite-Brite, but without all the despair of having to destroy a picture as soon as you are done when you want to build a new one. Lite-Brite Cubed: a Lite-Bright for yesterday’s future – today!

This plain fun of Lite Brite cubed will be yours for only $22.99. Pretty cheap and it won’t kill your wallet! 😉


(Hat Tip: Craziest Gadgets)

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