Pixel 3Qi Display – New e-paper Display

Pixel Qi is a new display technology for netbooks or digital ebook reader in mean the consume less power than the default display unit. Pixel Qi display, or as known as 3Qi will comes in several settings such as full color, conventional LCD mode, sunlight-readable, reflective e-paper mode and so on.


The founder of Pixel Qi, Mary Lou Jepsen has posted the comparison between full color mode and e-paper mode in her blog to let us know how it looks like. The photo is a bit blur so we can’t tell how is the appearance and how readable this 3Qi display under bright sunlight (no picture on this).

According to Wired, this screens will be available in this fall with the focus in the Netbook market. How this will affect the overall price is still in question. But let’s hope it could turn down the price instead of pushing it up.

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