49 USB Ports Cambrionix USB Hub

Here is another cool stuff for Port Junkie. Last time we have that 16-port USB hub, and now we have one “craziest usb hub” for port junkie to jack in all their USB gadget to it. The name is Cambrionix USB Hub and it has 49 Ports in total! Believe me or not, just check out this image cause this stuff really exist.

I’m not sure if your PC/MAC will be over-killed by the sum of the drives or not, but I can make sure one thing that is you won’t be facing problem about the lacking of USB Port anymore if you own one of this.

Although there is no further specification (and Cambrionix site is currently down), there is a pricing set on it from the first place. To own one 49-port Cambrionix USB Hub, you have to pay a whopping $650 a pop. Expensive, I agree. But for port junkies, this price certainly will pay off cost it can fulfill their desires. 😉

UPDATE: The Detail Specification for Cambrionix USB Hub is now available!

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