Even Better: Sony Most Precise Motion Controller Revealed!

E3 sure is a great day for gamer to see their future of gaming. After Microsoft unveiling their cool full body 3D motion sensing technology – the Project Natal, Sony comes up with what they called “The best Game Motion Capture yet!”, a Magic wand with color changing light sphere at the top with “sub-millimeter” precision.



For more detail on how Sony motion sensing works, please watch the following guide by the keynote speakers:

It’s certainly amazing. Now, this is about the battle between Microsoft Button-less motion sensing technology with Sony motion controller with buttons and color pingpong.

I can say I agree with Sony that playing games still need to push some buttons. But I’m also interested with Project Natal because we can free our hands from controller. Both is good, now it’s about what you to choose to play with.

(via Geeky Gadgets, gearfuse, DVice, SlipperyBrick)

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