Microsoft Project Natal for XBox 360

Nintendo Wii Wireless motion control has inspired lots of the competitor to create their own version of motion controller. One of them is Microsoft who recently unveiled their own “Project Natal”, which is a revolutionary new way to play games without controller.


With this Project Natal, gamer can use many new way to interact with the game. It’s all thanks to the 3D motion sensing, which is far better than Nintendo Wii’s technology. The motion sensing is including facial, voice, hands, body, or even by shaking your hips. This is interesting because playing game will become another type of exercise for gamer. It will invite more healthy gamer in the future instead of overweight gamers.

Watch the following Demo Videos from Microsoft for more detail:


(via 2DayBlog, GadgetLite, Coated, Coolest Gadgets, CrunchGear)

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