BenQ GP1 3LED is a Palm Size Projector

BenQ has a new Palm-size projector titled as BenQ GP1 3LED Mobile Projector. With this little compact projector, you can obviously view your movies, images, make it as your PC display, presentation, or even run office applications via USB flash drive without the laptop nor desktop.


The dimension is only 136mm x 54mm x 120mm and weighs in 640 grams only! But don’t underestimate BenQ GP1 by judging on its size. This Projector still can project excellent quality of images, but we don’t have the exact specification about what is the maximum length between the projector and wall.

BenQ GP1 3LED will begin selling in Japan next week for 69,000 Yen or around $599 US Dollar. When it will arrive at US market is still unknown…

(via AkihabaraNews)


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