Street Fighter 4 Pro Fighting Stick Arcade Style Controller

If you are lazy to make yourself an arcade stick to play with your PS3 games, here is a quick solution. Spend $62, and you will get this cool looking Street Fighter 4 Themed Pro Fighting Stick.


Now this is good. You can go smashing the board like a crazy like a child! :)


This Playstation Pro Fighting Stick is the perfect choice for the hardcore serious gamers who want a quality, custom arcade stick without all the fuss of actually building it yourself. The options it gives you are awesome like being able to order a hybrid PS3 True Arcade Stick.

Right now, this Pro Fighting Stick is one of the best self-branded arcade stick available in the market. Using premium quality arcade parts straight out of official Street Fighter IV arcade machines, the Pro Fighting Stick offers precise controls that only a real arcade cabinet can match.

This Street Fighter 4 Pro Fighting Stick is easy to use and compatible for PS2 and PS3. If you would like to use it on your PC / Laptop to play the upcoming Street Figther 4 for PC (7 July), there is a USB connector provided for this purpose. Just jack it into your USB port and it will recognize immediately as a joystick for your PC (Compatible with XP and Vista, too!).

(Product Page via ChipChick)


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