Super-wide 43-inch NEC display is 4 LCD Monitors in 1

Ever imagine what is the look of 4 LCD monitors blended seamlessly into 1 whole new monitor? Well here is the snapshot of the latest NEC display dubbes as NEC CRV43 super-wide 43-inch LCD Monitor:



For God sake, this stuff is extremely cool. It’s very good for designer who require lots of workspace for their application such as Flash Animator, Vector designer or perhaps movie editor. NEC CRV43 LCD Monitor has an unique adaptation of DLP technology, 12-bit color depth, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, God-fast response rate 0.02 milliseconds, 2880×900 resolution and HDMI connection.

For all those amazing specs, the price you have to pay also brilliant. It’s $8,000 a pop and it should be able to blow your mind completely. 😉


More Pictures from CrunchGear:


(via TechCrunch, Geeky Gadgets, TechFresh)

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