Swisburne University Pressed 2,000 DVD into Single DVD

The news about 1 DVD that can contain 100 DVD from GE is quiet impressive already. But Australia folks feel it’s not enough for them so recently at Swisburne University of Technology invented on special Disc that could store up to 2,000 disc!

2000-dvd-in-1-dvdThe current DVD are made with three spatial dimensions and this new disc have total five spatial dimensions using nano particles technology. Although it seems like a little improvement, it did have a great impact for what you can store on them.

But for a little curiosity, if this kind of Disc become available for sale, will hard drive become useless? single disc can store up to 9,4TB of data. It can crush the competition in a stomp and send Seagate (or similar storage manufacturers) into their young retirement and never come back. :)

(read the detail at Crave or go directly to Swisburne University edu site)

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