iPhone 3G Fuel is a Rechargeable Battery Pack

Here is a cool iPhone 3G battery Pack labeled as “Fuel” Rechargeable Battery pack. With this device, you can juice up your iPhone 3G to get additional hours beyond the standard iPhone 3G battery life. Such as you can get up to 9 hours additional talk time or up to 8 hours playing video content.


You may think that the design of this battery pack is a little ‘thick’ and when you install your iPhone into this Fuel iPhone 3G battery pack, you can’t fit it into your pocket anymore. Yes, that’s all because of the clip at the rear side. But the clip allow you to clip it to your belt, and it’s fully ratcheting 180-degree.

You also have the option to turn it on or off as you need thanks to the provided on/off buttons at the front side. But I have to tell you that this Fuel iPhone 3G rechargeable battery pack is not for you who value style more than functionality.

One more thing is the ‘Fuel’ Rechargeable Battery Pack is not only available for iPhone 3G. You can actually find one for your BlackBerry smartphones. See the following picture:


If you are interested, it’s available for $79.99 at CaseMate or cheaper at Amazon ($73.50).

(via GizmosforGeeks)

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