MainGear Green Gaming PC uses 165w Power Only!

If you ask me about what is downside of good gaming PC, then most of the time my answer would be the Power-hungry power supply. Most High-end Gaming PC will come with up to 1500+ Watt power supply to properly power up the power-thirsty devices such as Processor, water cooling, Graphic Cards, etc. So it’s amazing for the fact that there is a “very” low power consumption gaming PC to be exist.

It’s true, the latest Gaming PC from MainGear dubbed as Pulse Gaming PC is simply magnificent in consuming energy. Although it did comes with a standard 300 Watt power supply, the overall cost of energy is around 165W only!


According to Crunchgear, you can actually play Call of Duty 4 because it has a pretty cool specs, such as a low-end 45nm Core 2 Duo (or Quad), GeForce 9800 GT ECO version with ION Chipset, and up to 8GB RAM could be placed inside. The price is starting at $799, which I consider very cheap baseline price for a gaming PC.

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