Puget Echo – the First NVIDIA ION Desktop

Puget Echo from Puget System is believed to be the first NVIDIA ION-based desktop which allow you to have a better graphical performance despite of the small form factor. Puget Echo I and Puget Echo II looks a bit like your DVD-Rom drive because everything is designed in a compact manner without sacrificing much of its features.


The Puget Echo I is designed to fit seamlessly into your home entertainment center or on your desk. It’s optimized for digital media storage and playback, with the power of NVIDIA graphics but the incredible power savings of the Intel Atom processor. With NVIDA ION graphics, it supports PureVideo, for hardware accellerated video playback that includes Blu-Ray content at full 1080p resolution.

Puget Echo I come with Intel Atom processor while the Echo II has a higher spec by providing Intel Core 2 Duo in the system. Other notable features such as X25 SSD or 250GB HDD, Blu-ray drive, WiFi and up to 8GB RAM also available in the customization list. The very basic price with OS (Vista) is about $775 and the highest might reach $3,000+.

See more information at Puget System. (via BBG)

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