Andy Mangold’s Rubber Bandit

Rubber Bandit is not something dangerous, but highly possible to create some bruises on your flesh. It’s a handcrafted toys, taking the shape of gun, with interchangeable barrels to shoot the rubber band in several strengths.



“DANGER! This rubber band gun, handcrafted to the highest standards, is capable of inflicting 1st and 2nd degree welts, contusions, and bruises, on the supple flesh of it’s targets. For safety’s sake, it should only be wielded by a trustworthy and licensed adult.

For fun’s sake, place it in the hands of your craziest, most demented, deranged, unbalanced, loose-cannon of a friend, and watch the rubber fly.”


This should be the craziest toy, and probably the best punishment tool for naughty children! 😈

Well, for God Sake don’t use this on your child cause it’s *really* hurt. 😉

(via Andy ManGold)

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