Peregrine USB Powered Glove for Gaming

If you think 15 buttons for each unique actions for your games is not enough, then Peregrine comes up with over 30 unique touch controlled “buttons” via a Glove.


This is the Pergrine USB Powered Glove, which allows you to contact with 30 touch sensitive buttons located all over the fingers with your thumb tip. It’s simply awesome for playing online games which require to interact with lots of buttons (such as WoW), but it might be annoying for FPS games because you can’t control your character movement with it.

See the following video provided by

Peregrine glove will be available in this Fall and it’s now available for pre-order for $100. If you want to taste the new gaming method, this one is sure something you don’t wanna miss.

(via GadgetReview)

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  • Arka

    wow .. new time I see this tool control a sophisticated game like that. thanks for your info

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