Cool Retro USB Vacuum Cleaner

Here is a condition: You are a Retro Gadget lover, and often make your workdesk as your only spot to have breakfast-lunch-supper daily-cycle. If you are one with that condition, this Cool Retro USB vacuum cleaner is for you.


It’s a mini-sized, fully working retro vacuum cleaner, inspired by the 60’s or 70’s vacuum cleaner style. It is powered via mini USB port and have a cable length of 45-inch so you can actually clean the whole face of your desk from bread crumbs, dusts, dirts, or any other unfriendly mini particles.


If you are residing in UK, lucky you because it’s only £7.99 or $13. But if you are in US, then you should add another £33.00 for the shipping fee.

(Product Page via CrunchGear and Technabob)

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