LEGO DeLorean Time Machine Car Remote Control

Check out this super cool custom LEGO remote control built by Tyler Clites, a Legohaulic. It’s a cool DeLorean Time machine car and can go 88mph per decade. :)

Here is the screenshots, click one each of the to zoom:


This Lego car is inspired by the popular “Back to the Future” movie series and this LEGO DeLorean remote control car is using PF motors as the main engine.



Looks very cool for every LEGO fans. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it anywhere but to DIY and build it yourself. Of course, some certain skills are required, and there is no detail instruction on how to build the LEGO DeLorean. Everything is a challenge for you if you want one.

(via GadgetHeat)

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  • Isabel

    Hey, I need to buy one, how can I get one?

    • Hi Isabel,

      You can ask the creator, Legohaulic about this. I’m not sure if he is gonna sell his creation or not. 😉

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