Western Digital My Book Studio 2TB for Mac Fans

Western Digital has a new My Book Studio with 2TB size in a single 7200rpm mechanism drive. This is a version with a very high-capacity that currently no other manufacturer has to offer. The drive is taking the case design of Western Digital 500GB or the 1TB version, and in this 2TB version it has 4 connection interfaces starting from External SATA (eSATA), Firewire 400/Firewire 800, USB/USB 2.0, SATA.



Although the description says it’s made for Mac, you can actually reformat the drive and use it on your PC/Windows as well. The list price is $380 but you can find the competing prices at our Shopping channel.


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  • Olly Jelley

    Hey, I’ve got the 500gb version of this, its a really good hardrive (quite tough too I’ve found) but the power supply cable has snapped off at the plug, I’ve looked up a lot of replacement power supplies, but I can only find ones for the new gen of these harddrives, will they still work the same? Yeah, so get one, but the cables are a bit rubbish 😉 [email protected]

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