Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard with Adjustable Position

If you think typing on your netbook keyboard is all about the misery of traveler, then you’ll have to equip yourself with this new Travel Keyboard from GoldTouch. Dubbed as Goldtouch Go! Travel keyboard, beside it’s pretty light (weighs in 1lbs only) you will also get a comfortable adjustable angle to suit your hands position.



This Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard can be placed directly above your Netbook keyboard because goldtouch go travel keyboard won’t interfere with the built-in keyboard. All you need to do is to bend the position a bit upward and forward and check of your own hand position. You can have 0°-30° adjustment for ulnar deviation (wrist splay) in the horizontal plan, combined with 0°-30° adjustment for wrist pronation (vertical tenting).


Goldtouch Go Travel Keyboard will be available for $139. Go ahead to GoldTouch site for more information.

Press Release

Nearly weightless 1lb travel keyboard designed specifically for laptop users
Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard Debuts

AUSTIN, Texas – June 9, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — Goldtouch today announced the launch of the Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard, a must have companion for anyone that utilizes a laptop. This year laptop sales will encompass 55% of the PC market so more than ever, individuals need a portable option to typing on the existing laptop keyboard. The Goldtouch Go! travel keyboard provides users preferences as opposed to contorting their hands & body in order to accommodate the machine.
Features of the keyboard

Quality, comfort & mobility. At a mere 1lb, the Go! Travel Keyboard empowers road warriors and mobile professionals to comfortably & safely work wherever their job takes them. Removable protective covers allow the keyboard to be placed directly on the laptop. Now typing while in an airplane, hotel or pseudo work environment will feel as if you were at your own desktop. The Go! has the ability to convert from PC to Mac mode with simple key combinations. The keyboard was recently recognized as the Attendees’ Choice Award winner at the 14th Annual National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition (NECE).
Location, location, location

“Laptops are a vital efficiency tool for every business. The airport, coffee shop and the kitchen table have all become the new non-traditional workplace for many people including myself,” stated Peter Gilbert, Goldtouch CEO. “This means the challenges employers face regarding injury prevention and safety has expanded their geographic footprint. No longer are individuals tied exclusively to the office or cubicle. This alternative keyboard was designed to mitigate risk for the new realities of the mobile workforce.”
Helping workers remain productive

The Goldtouch Go! recognizes that laptops are now the primary choice for today’s business needs – supporting an increasingly distributed workforce that function from almost anywhere. Laptops are designed more for competence than contentment. This presents employers with a host of challenges for keeping their personnel injury free and their assets safe.
Keeping costs down

“This mobile keyboard targets the reduction and prevention of risk and injury for the rapidly growing population of remote employees,” said CEO Peter Gilbert. “Our customers have proven time and again that the claim costs and lost work time from RSI (repetitive stress injury) has a negative impact on the bottom line. With our new alternative keyboard, companies can offer their employees work solutions that provide new levels of comfort and flexibility regardless of the workspace and save real operating costs at the same time.”

Details on the new Goldtouch Go!, including product specifications and pricing can be found at The keyboard can be purchased independently or as a bundle (including a light notebookstand that can accommodate up to a 17″ notebook and travel case that allows for the notebook to remain in case during the airport x-ray screening process).
About Goldtouch

Headquartered in Austin Texas, Goldtouch manufactures productivity enhancing ergonomic peripherals. We are the innovator of the renowned proprietary ROI calculator that confirms how businesses profit when implementing proactive safety and risk management programs. Our unique line of injury prevention solutions assist organizations by lowering and eliminating office worker’s compensation costs (as ergonomic related injuries account between $20 Billion-$40 Billion per year). Please explore for supplementary information. Goldtouch will be exhibiting at the SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) Conference & Exposition June 28th thru July 1st at the New Orleans Convention Center Booth # 1247.

NOTE: “Goldtouch” and “Productivity through Prevention are trademarks of Goldtouch

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