Hammock EyeGlasses: Prevent Lens Scratch Made Easy

Most of eyeglasses users might have known that preventing lens from scratch is not an easy stuff. But with Hammock Eyeglass design by Kenji Tomeda, preventing lens from scratch is an easy stuff!


Sometimes no matter how careful you’ve treating your eyeglasses, it seems it just going to get several scratches in the lens surfaces. Large part of it is the awkward placement/position of eyeglasses when we put it on the table or hard surface. But with Hammock Eyeglass frame design, you will have no trouble at all and any type of awkward position won’t be able to damage the lens.

Well, it’s all thanks to the “two legs” design which will open up when you fold the temples. The two legs will stand like a table and prevent the lens to touch the surface.

One must twist their wrist to put glasses down in a position that avoids scratching the lenses. When picking up the glasses one must, somewhat clumsily, fumble around in order to pick them up then put them on. Hammock Eyeglass removes this unnecessary step: when folding the temples of the glasses, the legs open, allowing the glasses to be put down smoothly. One can pick it up by the temple and this motion is more accommodating to the way a person’s body moves and protects the lenses from damage.

Too bad, it’s just a concept only. No word when this is going to available. Perhaps if you need more information, the only way is to contact Kenji Tomeda at coroflot.

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