HP Shouts: Shut Your PC Down to Save our Beloved Earth!

HP has a great movement to save our motherland from crumble by asking their users to shutdown their PC when not in use. HP even go further by launching their “Power To Change” programs to encourage user to monitor their PC usage and share it to the world.


It’s basically a widget for your desktop PC, and it will track the cumulative energy savings when you shut down your PC. HP has estimated that if more than 100,000 PC users shut down their PC everyday (no more overnight download or something similar), energy savings could reach as high as 2,680 kilowatt-hours and carbon emissions could drop by around 3,500 pounds per day.

That’s amazing and could really make the world a better place to live. To join the force, you only need to register an account at HP, download the software, install it, and start making a change!

(via HotHardware)

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