Ecco GPS Keychain: Find Lost Car Made Easy

Finding lost car doesn’t mean on the stolen car. It’s more about to find your parked car and you’ve totally forgot where the place is. This scenario seems like to be a common issue for us who park our car in a multi-level parking lot. If we don’t be careful and forgot the numbering on the wall, finding back our car would take ages.

But this kind of scenario won’t happen if you have got yourself an Ecco GPS Keychain! So what is it? Well, take a close too to the device before further explanation:



Yep, that the Ecco GPS Keychain. This little GPS gadget would help you mark your car’s position and program it into the device. So when you want to find your car, just a push of button you will get a pointer to let you know where your car is. But this won’t work properly if you are parking in a multi-level parking space.

However, It could help you shortening your searching time (since it can tell you how far you are from the destination) rather than wandering at the parking lot like a crazy man searching for his lost car.


Ecco GPS Keychain is not only functional as your car searching gadget, you can actually use it to mark land point where you could get back later. Pretty useful if you are visiting a new city and you don’t have the map for it. Just mark your hotel and you never worry about lost in the city when you are exploring it.

Just one warning though, never lost this Ecco GPS Keychain or you will be sorry for what you’ve done. :)

You can get this Ecco GPS Keychain for £69.95 or about $113 from Firebox. Oh, did I mention it’s rechargeable via USB Port?

(via Coolest Gadgets and Crunchgear)

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