Guard Your Kids Room with ‘Robot in My Room’

Obviously, Robot in My Room is a personal guard robot for your kids. It looks pretty cool for kids and it has an OLED backlit screen to display time, date, and how much money your kid has save into the deposit box. Yep, you are right, it also act as a personal banker for your kids, and it also have a Alarm clock to wake your kids up from their tight morning sleep. One gadget for 3 functions, not too shabby.


Robot in My Room won’t let anyone or anything enter your room unnoticed, But that’s not all! He’ll also keep your treasures safe, tell you exactly how much cash you’ve saved, time your bedtime reading and wake you up in the morning.



  • Wakes you up in the morning
  • Times your bedtime reading
  • Deters people from entering your room
  • Over 50 responses, phrases and sound effects
  • Requires 3 C batteries (not included)

Robot in my Room is yours for $29.97 and it’s available at Walmart.

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