Irina Blok’s Photoshop Frame for Photoshop Fans

Photoshop fans? Then you should check out this cool Photoshop Frame designed by Irina Blok:


Most of graphic designer might have used Photoshop like crazy to retouch, editing or manipulating graphic. So perhaps we have been programmed unconsciously to feel good with the photo/graphic inside Photoshop workspace frame. So why don’t we get a real “Photoshop Frame” instead to host our photo?


Designer Irina Blok is the world’s first creative designer to create the first analog photoshop frame. Using the Mac OS X photoshop interface to fit in the 4×5 inches wooden frame. The graphic comes complete with the vertical and horizontal scroll bar to completely pulling out the “looks and feels” of the application.


Irina actually pretty business minded so She handmade 50 pieces limited edition of this Photoshop frame and put it on sell at Get one for $39, or good deal of two for $69 only.

(via DesignBoom)

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