Awesome Tiny Pico Projector from Thanko

Thanko, the Japanese Gadget manufacturer has produced a Tiny Pico Projector for any type of purpose for any situation. It has weight of 142g only, sized in 61 x 37 x 60mm and it would fit into your pocket like a cell phone (depend on how large your pocket is).



Thanko Pico Projector, code name MINIJEC1 is able to produces 45″ screen size from 2m away or 14-inch at 60cm away from wall. The basic resolution is 640×480, 200:1 contrast ratio only, and 10 lumen brightness level.

You can actually use Thanko Pico Projector MINIJEC1 on your PC, iPod or even your newly bought iPhone 3GS.



Where to get one? GeekStuff4U, the Japanese Gadget importer has made it available for 31,500 Yen or equal to $322. Well, it doesn’t come in a cheap price anyway! :)

(via Gadgetlite)

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