Econo-Keys Reversible Keyboard – Flip for a Touchpad

In this week we have already seen several cool & weird keyboard designs such as Combimouse, Goldtouch Go! and Smart Touchpad Keyboard. Now, a new keyboard design has joined the party with some unique feature to show off – the Econo-Keys Reversible Keyboard:


As you may have figured out, this Econo-Keys Reversible Keyboard model EK-77 has a double function. Beside the 88 Keys, you can access to its built-in track pad by flipping over the rear face. I’m not sure how convenience this keyboard design is, but I would have a difficult time accessing the keyboard and track pad at the same time. Further more, it’s not wireless which make Flipping in and out will make the cable twists and probably will damage the cable in the long run.

Though it indeed has a slim interface, at 8.91-inches x 3.54-inches x 0.38-inch only, it should be pretty handy for traveler and those who love slim stuff.

(Product Page via OhGizmo)

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