Levitron Revolution can Levitate 4 Ounces Object

The first generation of Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe is sold out long time ago. Now, it’s turn for the new generation – the Levitron Revolution to be the next gen toy for children and it’s better because it can actually levitate nearly any object with weighs up to 4 ounces) in the mid-air!

Believe it or not, Levitron Revolution series is going to hit the market on this December. Turning it to be the greatest Santa toys gifts for children.


Levitron Revolution will comes with a black plate-like device, with LED spotlights shining through to illuminated the levitated objects, and give it a sense of coolness that no other toy could beat. :)


Well, forgive my hypes. It’s just so cool to see a floating objects with this Revolutionized Levitron. Can’t wait to see what’s the video looks like when it become available. Stay tuned on this post as we would update with more news later.

(via TheAwesomer and BBG)

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