Mimobot Series 4 Flash Drive: Reveals the Face of Darth Vader

Mimobot has released their Series 4 flash drive, which completely revealed the unmasked Darth Vader and Captain Rex from Star Wars. The Mimobot Series 4 flash drive comes with pretty small size of 2GB storage capacity. So buying them is not about buying their specs. It’s all about the hot passionate feeling to Star Wars stuff! :)

UPDATE: It seems I’ve received a false information! The Mimobot Series 4 Flash drive is actually available in several size starting from 1GB to 8GB. You can see the detail in Clone Captain Rex version. Thanks to our reader DigiDigit for the correct information! :)




This Mimobot Series 4 flash drive with Unmasked Darth Vader will be reveal in July at Comic Conference, and it is going to be available in limited edition for 500 units only.

(via CrunchGear)

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  • the drives are actually available in 1GB to 8GB capacities!

    • Hi!! Thanks a lot for the correction. Just updated the post! :)

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