Archos 3 Portable Media Player

Archos has presented the Archos 3, a new portable media player with a huge 3″ touchscreen and 8GB of storage capacity. Some blogger said Archos 3 closely resembled Teclast M26 and has a less price tag of $141 than other similar PMP with same specs.

Compare to the last Archos 5 and Archos 7, this version 3 is less complicated on the interface factor. You will also foound an integrated FM tuner, digital clock and audio recorder to record voices to its 8GB storage.


The ARCHOS 3 vision is the latest in a new line of MP3 players, with an impressive 3” tactile screen that covers the whole surface of the device. You can access all your favorite features with the brand new virtual wheel selector, which provides a whole new browsing sensation. No matter where you are in the media library your favorite feature is only a spin away.

The ARCHOS 3 vision is extremely compact and lightweight and will easily fit in pretty much any kind of pocket. Yet it’s so pretty you may want to show it off instead of hiding it there.

Pick your favorite use : You can listen to up to 4,000 songs, stored on a 8GB flash drive, and enjoy superb audio quality for up to 14 hours. Or you can view back photos in a great panoramic view; Or you can choose to do both, with music slideshows; why compromise?

If you add to that a voice and audio recorder, a stopwatch and a calendar, what you’ve got here is just the perfect tool at the perfect price.


(via PMPToday and iTechNews and SlipperyBrick)

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