Nokia to Charges Phone via Radio Waves in 201X


Approximately in few years time, Nokia will be able to pull energy out of thin air to charge their Nokia cell phone. The energy is in a form of Radio Waves frequencies, such as television broadcasts, microwave ovens, mobile phones, wireless LAN, bluetooth, GPS, and two-way radios.

Nokia will develop some sort of circuits that could do receiving and then converting the radio wave or free energy into an electrical source to charge their Nokia cell phone.

According to the research, to charge a cell phone battery required at least 50 milliwatts of power. This is the minimum requirement for slow charging and the current technology from Nokia is able to collect up to 5 milliwatts of power only. It’s a tenth fold of energy required so they predicted about a few years later they can achieve that score.

I think this is awesome because there is so many free energy floating across the air each second. If Nokia can successfully created such a device to pull energy out of thin air, the future people won’t face battery low problem anymore. There is also a probability that cell phone can be powered just by pulling energy from the air and there will be no battery needed for the operation!

(More info: Inhabitat)

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