Akwakat Bike: the Transforming Water Bike by Neil Vanner

Akwakat is a new-freakin-cool waterbike design by Neil Vanner. You can actually ride a bicycle above the water like you are riding your bike on the hard surface. Sounds impossible, right? Well, Neil has proved it possible with this Akwakat waterbike!



In 2006 Neil Vanner rode his prototype waterbike across New Zealand’s Cook Straight, a 30km stretch of often wild open deep ocean that separates the countries 2 main islands.


Do not confuse the Akwakat waterbike with a pedal-boat, they are two entirely different products – the Akwakat waterbike uses a standard, non-modified hard tail mountain bike that can be converted back to a standard bike within minutes of reaching the shore, and the lightweight construction results in a draft of only 350mm allowing the rider to easily glide to shore – so the Akwakat takes you from weekday commuting to the office to weekend exploration of your favourite lakes and rivers, and all in one compact carry bag and without a special bike.


Akwakat Pedal Boat advantages:

  • Forward and reverse momentum through the use of an ingenius gearbox assembly
  • Low centre of gravity provides more stability and is acheived be removing the cycle’s wheel
  • Heavy duty inflatable pontoons are built to take the knocks with specially fitted wear pads
  • Rigid components are either hard wearing polymer construction or stainless steel for long life
  • Modern design means an ulta-cool look
  • All components fit in an easy to store and transport carry bag

(Akwakat via Winarco)

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