Cute Heart Shaped 4-Port USB Hub

Although USB Hub has evoluted, it doesn’t mean the classic one has become useless. They still have their own value, and something like this cute heart shaped 4-port USB Hub is also not just a mere USB hub, you can actually make it as a pretty romantic gift for your geeky girlfriend.


This lovely Heart shaped 4-port USB Hub featured USB 2.0 hi-speed connection with backward compatibility (USB 1.1), Weighs in 35g only and it support both Mac and Vista.


Most likely, the user for this lovely heart shaped 4-port USB Hub is girl. So 4 ports is more then enough since girl is not as geeky as boys with portjunkie syndrome. And if your girl doesn’t like the pink color, the USB hub also available in other color selection such as Yellow or Blue.


You can get this Heart 4-port USB Hub for a mere $10 at Brando.

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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