Logitec Universal LAN and USB Hub – It’s an Evolution

Ater going through a lot of redesign and improvement, USB Hub has an evolution to not just a USB Hub anymore. Logitec has this new variant of USB hub that they named it “Universal LAN and USB Hub”.


Yes, LAN ethernet port is the new addition for USB Hub, which turning the device into a Network-friendly, and can share up to 3 USB gadgets for your entire network!



It’s obviously a Japanese product, and notice the brand carefully. It’s not Logitech the renown PC peripheral manufacturer, it’s “Logitec” without the “H” :)

If you need this USB hub for your office, we should really thanks GeekStuff4U to import them from Japan and sell it to worldwide user. Logitec Universal LAN and USB Hub will cost you $48 a pop, just head on over to GeekStuff4U to buy this gadget.

(Via Techfresh)

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  • skrizach

    I don’t get it.
    what computer doesn’t have a built in ethernet port?

    does it turn the devices into NAS devices? so confused.

    • The LAN port on the device is actually not for your laptop. The pictures above is to show you how to turn it into a USB-hub, while the LAN port probably will become a dummy port in this mode.

      It will be useful when you have a home network, you can then use your home network ethernet LAN connector on this device and turn the USB hub into a sharing device which will allow you to share up to 3 USB devices for the whole PCs in your Home Network.

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