Military Hardware: Flight Simulator That Runs on 120 Graphic Cards!

Believe it or not, this is what those military guys enjoying now. A flight simulator that runs on custom built PC with 120 Graphic Cards inside! What the hell, they really enjoy the “True” HD world before anyone else. :)


It’s not only the graphic cards, the PC is actually a networked 120 Intel based Dual Core PCs with cost more than 15 millions dollar. Blew my mind for sure, this 120 CPUs + 120 Graphic cards combination has produced an amazing ultra-high definition simulation for the pilot to do their training. The simulators run on ‘Simusphere’ which has a wide 180-degree screen projected by nine projectors. Up to 10,000 simultaneous entities could be happening at the same time such as explosions and destruction in urban environments.

If a bornrich gamer want this stuff in their living room, he could really have a good time playing his game in a totally “true HD” world that no one can get without pay that much of money (15 millions!).

(via Gizmodo)

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