Cute Panda USB Flash Drive from SolidAlliance

SolidAlliance, Company in Japan has released their latest USB flash drive with Panda as the main character design. Although it has the same theme as WWF Panda USB drive, this version has nothing to do with life saving.


SolidAlliance Panda USB flash drive is available in Japan only with the minimum size of 2GB. But thanks to Japan product importer,, you can enjoy the retail price of this cute panda USB flash drive through their channel for only ¥3,900 (about $40).



However, if you think 2GB is too small for you, you can actually order the bigger size of 4GB and 8GB with them by contacting GeekStuff4U. These days 2GB is not so useful like the old days. Perhaps you should really contacting them asking the 8GB instead. but of course, you must pay a good money for it.

(via Akihabara)

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