Just Mobile Cooling Bar – Passive Laptop Cooler

Just Mobile Cooling Bar is just… a bar, nothing more. Well, yes it does have a cool name and often people will expect for more on the feature. However, this gadget is different. No mind blowing specs and eye-chocking features. It’s just a simple passive cooling bar.


Just Mobile Cooling Bar practically help your laptop to have a breathable space by elevates the laptop a little bit upward from the rear side, and it also help you get the so-called ‘ergonomic’ angle for better typing posture. Want something more? well yes, it does have one more feature. The feature is the cable management slot (at the left side) to help you organize your Macbook power cable in place. That’s all? Probably yes. 😉

It seems Just Mobile Cooling Bar is made for Macbook because the theme of this cooling bar is closely a match. You can actually get this cooling bar for price range $40 – $48 at several notable Store such as Amazon, MacMall, or Buy.com

(via ChipChick)

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