Sony VAIO P comes with built-in WiMax

Even though Sony refuses to name VAIO P as a Netbook, most of us has already categorized the VIAO P as one. P stand for Portable, perhaps that is where Sony want to hold their stand. The latest release for Sony VIAO P is coming with Intel Atom Z550 processor, SSD, and the best of all, a WiMax connectivity for 4G network.


Perhaps WiMax is not widely available yet. But it does have a bright future for faster connectivity with cheaper price. The exact specification is yet to be revealed by Sony. But Sony has claimed that the CPU combined with SSD could give user twice of the performance that other similar system/netbook.

But the question is, wouldn’t the price mark also doubled because of the SSD inclusion? Well, that is something interesting to witness when Sony finally made it available for sale.


(via Engadget, i4u)

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