Tengu goes Afro and AllStars!

Tengu is a birdman legend in Japan. But this gadget have no relationship at all with that. Tengu is a blockhead Face LED. A cool blockhead that will sing along with your music with its digitalized lips. It’s actually a classic toy from several years ago. But thanks to its popularity, Guys at Charles & Marie made it AllStars!


AllStar means they have created a series of them, each with one design personality, starting from a groovy metallic, to a flowery mustache tengu. All made Afro.



Three brand new characters, each comes with an abundance of stickers to customize, but most importantly, with a massive fro. Each in its own style and color, depicting a specific time and music era.

If you don’t want the style anymore, just remove the fro and the stickers and you are back to the good old Tengu, sitting there, singing along to any tune you’re playing…


Tengu AllStars are available for €30 or US$42 for one Tengu. Double the price for two! 😉

(via GeekAlerts)

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