Tru:Motion Mouse Could Relief Your Wrist Strain

Tru:Motion Mouse is a new method in using a mouse. In the conventional way, most movement of the mouse carry too much burden for our wrist. So pretty common to hear a wrist strains because of long haul usage such as browsing the web for 5 hours a day.


However, with this Tru:Motion Mouse has an improves ergonomics by constantly pivoting so the wrist never remains still on the desk. You will need to move your entire palm if you want to navigate the mouse pointer around the windows.


Tru:Motion Mouse is a creation by new company Smartfish Technologies with the help of New York Hospital for Special Surgery. This mouse model is designed intelligently to prevent and alleviate wrist stiffness and strains when using.

Newly formed company Smartfish Technologies teamed up with the New York-based Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) to come up with a wireless mouse designed to prevent and alleviate wrist strains.


It’s similar like a joystick key, topped with mouse design. It’s wireless, so you can actually put it on your lap, floor, bed, or anywhere else at your convenience. However, you might feel weird from the first time using this mouse because you will need to train your brain to this new method. But it will be a good gadget for your wrist’s healthiness if you’ve adapted to it.

(via ChipChick and Technabob)

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