12-inch Touchscreen LCD Monitor by Chinavasion

Here it is, a cheap solution provided by Chinavasion. They’ve created a cheap $186.25 Touchscreen LCD monitor so you can navigate through the web using a stylus pen or your fingers.


12 inch touch screen LCD monitor for Computers, TV and DVD Player. You’ve seen the 8 inch LCD touch screen monitor, now BEHOLD the 12 inch LCD touch screen monitor. Finally we are presented with a Large monitor that can be used as a primary desktop monitor with full touch screen functionality.

With VGA and S-Video to AV input, you can be sure to get the most out of this high performing touch screen monitor. Thanks to its 12″ screen size, you can use your finger or the stylus comfortably. This unit provides great functionality and versatility in its use. So go ahead and install it in your car and make all your friends jealous. In addition, you can also have a two monitor system installed, which makes using your computer fun and lets you be more productive.

Use the CVSF-E30 with either your surveillance cameras, computer or TV. This awesome 12″ LCD touch screen monitor is nothing short of technological creativity, with careful design and engineering with the user in mind. The CVSF-E30 touch screen monitor makes a wonderful addition to your editing suite or work desk. This model also comes with an adjustable stand which makes it great if you want to mount it on the wall. You can even mount the LCD monitor on the wall with out the adjustable stand if you do not need the LCD monitor to be versatile.


More Information at Chinavasion.


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  • Kashif Mirza

    I need the prices for 12 and 17-inch LCD display with Builtin PC

    Can anyone return me as soon as possible

    Thanks & Best Regards


    • Hi Kashif,

      You should ask Chinavasion Instead. They’ll also give you a better pricing if you buy in bulk.

      Thanks for commenting!

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