VholdR ContourHD Recorder is now Available!

Just in time with Father’s Day, VholdR ContourHD Wearable Recorder is available to order as a gift for your father. Of course, your father must be the “Active” type so he can make a good use of it.


If you remember, this VholdR ContourHD wearable recorder was first mentioned on the last April 2009. Amazon has it, but it’s still in pre-order state. But now, amazon has opened a price, and it’s only $299 a pop. However, thanks to Engadget folks, they have spotted a discount of 7% or as much as $20 for every purchase and throwing in a $50 gift card to boost the sales. Pretty good, and this VholdR contourHD recorder is only 2 left. But Amazon will restock them on this 23th.

(via Engadget)

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