New Nintendo Wii Bowling Peripheral

Here is a new peripheral for your Nintendo Wii, a bowling peripheral for your Wii mote so you can play your Bowling game in a more realistic experience.


Yes, this Wiimote accessory lets you mimic the critical motions involved in hitting a strike, and requires you to press the release button to open the ball in half and place the Wiimote within before closing the ball. Place your fingers in the three holes and you’re good to go virtually.

— by UberGizmo

As you probably suspect, the bowling ball splits in half allowing you to entomb your Wiimote inside, though you still have access to the controls thanks to an extra set of buttons on the outside of the ball. And not pictured are a set of three finger holes allowing you to “mimic all the critical motions a ‘striking’ performance requires.”

— by OhGizmo

Looks fun, but I would rather hold the real ball, run some real steps and strike the real one in the bowling hall instead of at front of my TV! :) well, it’s the matter of taste…! There is one downside though. If you are overexcited playing the bowling game with this bowling peripheral, it may off your hand and strike your HDTV! Need to make sure that the strap is strong enough to hold your power. :)

If you want this Bowling Ball so badly, I have to tell you that you still can’t get it yet. Even the pricing is not set yet since the E3. So perhaps you should go save some money, around 1 to 2 hundreds bucks or so for this gadget.


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