Transcend StoreJet 18M Portable External Hard Drive

Transcend unveils StoreJet 18M, the U.S. Military drop test standard External Hard drive. This External hard drive will be able to bear most ordinary knocks or drop from a reasonable height. Although it say Transcend StoreJet 18M External Hard drive is shockproof, it will still break apart if you throw it like a baseball and hit it using your sturdy bat. 😉


Well this Transcend StoreJet 18M has passed some kind of U.S. Military drop-test standards coded as MIL-STD-801F 516.5 (transit drop) which pretty much can ensure you to have a peace in mind if you need to keep your data safe in it.

It’s USB 2.0 driven, have OneTouch auto-backup button, and it’s available in 120GB capacity size.


(via Fareastgizmo)

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