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Rocky III Crunching USB Drives going WILD!

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Yep, these cool and funny Rocky crunching USB flash drives will going wild when you plug them into your USB hub / laptop USB port. There are 3 version of them, starting from Rocky, Mr. T and Appollo Creed. It will be fun if you can get three of them, each line up on your USB Hub, and turn on your USB hub power at the same time. There will be a wild crunching match happening on your desktop! ;)




These Rocky III USB crunching figure is sold for ¥ 2,850.00 or equal to $29.64 at GeekStuff4U. To bad, they don’t have the detail specification on how large the drive can store. Or perhaps it’s just a “Crunching Rocky III” without any extra feature?! Highly possible.

UPDATE: Also check out the previous Exercising Dog and Humping Bunny version!

(Geeky Gadgets via NerdApproved)

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