Funky, Cool, DIY CMYK Lampshades


Check out this cool DIY CMYK Lampshades that you need to assemble it by yourself. It comes with 4 different colors, just like what CMYK means. Starting from Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (or Key, the K). You can obviously combine them as you like which will result in several hundreds of color combination the lampshades. There is a simple How-To diagram provided for you to do your creation, you can check it out below:


CMYK Lampshades is made of laser cut acrylic and there are 21 circles with different diameter to form one lampshade. The result when you installed it on your ceiling is similar to the following picture:


Notice there will be a reflection from the Acrylic that somehow making the ceiling to have a Circular pattern. Looks very nice, and one lampshade should be enough to fully illuminate a small living room.

You can check out more about this lampshade (especially the picture gallery) at Walyou and Soner Ozenc website.

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