Golf Ball USB Drive for Passionate Golfers

golf-ball-usb-flash-driveThis is a fun gadget for passionate Golfers. A USB Flash Drive topped with Golf Ball, real golf ball or not, I’m not sure, but the size is smaller that the diameter of a real golf ball. So just assume it as fake one. Well, no matter what, it’s not for you to hit to the green grass ground. It contained a 1GB USB flash drive to store all your Golfers data. Although it’s not big, but it’s worth to collect if you are the Geeky type of Golf player.

This Golf ball USB drive is available at Amazon, and you can get it for $20 a pop. Thanks to Jeff at Craziest Gadgets to show us this ‘craziest gadget’! 😉


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    Our company is in need of 150 pieces USB Golf Balls with our company Logo. Please email us the sample picture, price list.

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    Jessica Olea Abo
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