Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit

HD video streaming has been made easy by Belkin using their latest Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit. So if you need your home to becom an ultrafast HD entertainment network spot, you should pay a good look on this new device.


This Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit is based on Gigle Semiconductor’s mediaxtream chip to ensure a stable and secure home wirless networking at Gigabit speed (1GBps). To use this devices, just jack in one RJ45 Ethernet port to the Powerline HD Starter Kit and plug the device to the power outlet to start the connection. This Gigabit Powerline HD Starter kit practically can reduce connection latency and provide better bandwidth for online gaming.


Here is the list of features for Belkin Gigabite Powerline HD Starter Kit, watch out of the jargons:

  • Ideal for ultrafast high-quality transmission of multiple video streams, reducing online gaming latency and quickly transferring large data files
  • Includes one single-port Adapter for a gaming console, HDTV, or a computer and another single-port
  • Adapter to plug into a router
  • Stream multiple HD movies and game online
  • Improves Internet connectivity in remote rooms or places hard to reach with wireless connections
  • Provides a secure, stable networking signal
  • Push-button security
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • Mesh network:

    Adding a third (or more) Belkin Powerline Adapter enables Gigle’s xtendnet feature that provides increasing networking stability and performance by creating a transparent mesh network.
  • Compatible with HomePlug AV products

The price tag of Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit is $149.99. Pretty expensive though, and you need more than one device for the connection.


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