Cool Manga Robot Makes Coffee with Video


If you are an OTAKU, you will love this Coffee Maker Robot inspired by Manga character. It’s made by an OTAKU with robotics tastes who hide himself under the nickname of “Clockwork”. Well, less otaku actually show their real name. But all we wanted to know is how COOL this Manga Robot in making you a cup of coffee to sip. Check out the following video for the actions:

MAN! You are not gonna believe this! This is too awesome for a robot to make us coffee. This is exactly like the Anime “Chobits” all about. It seems like the Japanese Otakus dream is going to come true someday in the future. This cute Robot is believed to be the reduced version of Kondo KHR-2HV. This Coffee Maker robot is controlled by PCB in her head, using something called KRS-788HV Servos and GWS-PICO-STD servo motor to moves around. Very cool, wish to have one to make coffee for me. 😉

Thanks to Robert for this Awesome Manga Robot Coffee Maker!

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  • Wow!!

    Now that’s truly an amazing feat to watch!

    Is its AI really that good to follow instructions to perform all THOSE STEPS to make a cup of coffee?

    It would be nice if they even have a robot that does the lawn mowing for me on Sunday afternoons (and remove any animal excrement off the ground) ! LOL.

    • I’m sure those Japanese will make some for you in the future! 😉 Well, I’m not sure if the AI is actually performing ALL THOSE STEPS. But it sure doable if the AI is properly programmed.

      Anyway, Thanks for commenting Andy! Nice to have you here.

      • No worries, mate! I’m glad to know there’s some fascinating blogs out there on cool mecha devices, stories or myths people would love to read about. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work!

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