Fire Design: Unique Fire Extinguisher Design

Tired of the old classic RED fire extinguisher that always hide behind your door/warehouse/kitchen? If so, check out this Fire Design by a French company who also “bore-to-dead” by the classic fire extinguisher color and trying to market their funky yet stylish Fire Design Extinguishers to refresh its looking.





Perhaps for you who already own enough fire extinguishers at you home won’t need another one of this. But if you valued the stylish and funkiness, they perhaps will make a killing for every artist soul and tease them to buy one. Well, it’s kind of lifestyle actually. Instead of getting the oldie RED folksy fire extinguisher, personally I would really want to get one of this Fire Design to pair with my stylish home. 😉

Product Page (via NerdApproved)

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  • Very creative way to spruce up a home fire extinguisher. People really like to apply customization to everything.

    • Hi, thanks for commenting. Yes, it seem the design is made for young souls who love funky stuff. But such a design is certainly be able to eliminate the dullness of the classic red design.

  • Dave

    I don’t know if I can get behind this idea.
    Don’t get me wrong. They’re quite nice to look at, but I thought the whole Idea behind the ‘dull classic red design’ was to make it iconic and instantly recognizable for what it is and it’s purpose.

    These look like toys or art pieces, not firefighting equipment.

    • riri

      I agree. Even though I may know what my funny fire extinguisher looks like, guests may not be able to pick it through smoke, so my house burns down and I get normal ones instead.

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