Aid for Grandparent: EZ Read Electronic Reading Device

Have a grandma or grandpa with difficulty to read small prints on books even with their glasses on? You may want to assist them with this super useful gadget for reading aid. It’s called EZ (easy) Read Electronic Reading Aid, which consist of one mouse-like devices as the scanner for your grandparent to scan the small text in book and display them directly on the TV screen, with much more brighter light intensity and vibrant color.


It’s just too bad, it seems no words mention on the compatibility with PC LCD Monitor, but as long as your Display gadget has the TV video input port, you can use this gadget. Perhaps your HDTV will have it, and they (your grandparent) can use it as their whole new reading device without the need to squeeze their forehead to read small prints.


The price tag is quite high, though. You will need spend $99 for it. But Grandma and Grandpa is more important. Giving them the ease they wanted so they can live more cheerfully would be priceless.

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